National Initiatives

These are two examples of systematic, nationally oriented, initiatives to increase the Digital Participation. If you know more, inform us!

Race Online 2012

In the UK, Race Online 2012, taglined “We’re all better off when everyone’s online” was introduced 2010.

With the goal to get more than 1.7 million people online, of the 9 million currently off, by the end of the Olympic Year 2012, they have teamed up with over 1 000 partners pledged to help that goal with a various pallette of distinctive actions – either as an organization or as an individual, “Digital Champions”.

All helping the United Kingdom to be a fully networked nation.

They have published a Manifesto, and you can follow the initiative on Twitter – @RaceOnline_2012.

Digital Delaktighet – #digidel2013 (“Digital Participation 2013”)

In Sweden, one of the most networked nations in the world, still 1.5 million out of 9 do not feel being a part of the net. At the other end of the scale, the same number of people make status updates on the social web every day, and there are 85 to 89 percent having access to the net in their homes.

In December 2010, after some preparation in the form of seminars, including a full day conference in October, a “Manifesto for Digital Participation“, was made (“Upprop för Digital Delaktighet”). The bold goal is to get 500 000 now offline, to get online by year-end 2013. Sparking this process was .SE, the foundation running the operations and development of the Swedish ccTLD / top level domain.

A beta site, now calling for pledging stakeholders beyond the original institutions signing the Call for Action, is up and running since January 2011 at Much of the inspiration comes from the UK RaceOnline2012 above. You can follow @Digidel2013 on Twitter.

(The #digidel tag was inspiring to translate it to a global #digipart conversation and corresponding action.)

Do you have an initiative similar to those above? Local, regional or national? We’re building a directory here to begin with, and migrating to another platform when critical mass of people, projects and initiatives has been reached. We want to know – please inform us via the form!