About #digipart

#digipart – Global Digital Participation – is about getting all online

Read more on http://digipart.info. There you also have two postings on Social Media Club web linked, from the Global Editorial Team, to provide us with the extended background to this initiative – the third to come the last week of February.

Also, besides this blog, follow us Twitter (@digipart2020), and Tumblr (http://digipart.tumblr.com). You can also follow the corresponding conversation on the social web by following the tag #digipart (on Twitter).

The #digipart blog

On our blog we will share news, key references and more editorial content over time, towards building a Virtual Community and a Wikispace for resource collection and sharing in order to empower and get leverage to the Global Digital Participation movement. This Community/Wiki when released in beta, will be reached through http://digipart.org. This URL currently links to this simple and lean Startup Blog – migrated to this new space in time. But it all depends on us – so;

Do you want to contribute and join the community?

Check the Community Startup Blog Post and add your details to the form, and give input to the short surveying of the initiatives we have not heard from, directly from YOUR context! Because – this is a truly global initiative – connecting the local to the digital!

“Get All Online – Get All To Get It