Building Community to Crowdsource – Where Are You and What Do You Want To Do?

Do you want to be a part of building up this community? Do you want to be a part of the conversation and maybe contribute with dedicated action to reach Global Digital Participation?

Follow: #Digipart on Twitter – for real-time conversation and

You can read about national initiatives in both UK and Sweden aimed to increase Digital Participation here.

Mark your interest – @reply us on Twitter, give a shout in the comments below, and/or first and foremost, use this form to contribute in whatever level you can, at the bottom level just to inform us, e. g. of initiatives like the one’s in UK/Sweden


About Anders Abrahamsson

RE:LOVE THE WORLD Messaging for a Better World. Family Man, Aikidoka, DJ, Sustainopreneur. Exploring #TheFlowSociety. Writing #TheFlowBooks. Full bio - (WEB HUB) Online IDs - @sliceonline (TW/IG/TB) / andersabrahamsson (LI) / anders.abrahamsson (FB)
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